Thursday, 8 September 2016


the last 3 years I was busy working on a very exciting project - MY NEW BOOK!!!
The book is a paperback so it is suitable for children aged 3+, however even younger children will enjoy looking at the pictures and listening to the story. 

It is a story about a tiny mouse with a great wish - to fly high in the sky!....

The book can be purchased from 
Waterstones website

Have a look! :)  
Go to the website and type in the search window the name of the book: The Mouse That Wished She Could Fly

The book was finally published in January 2016. Here are some pics samples:

It has 24 fully illustrated pages.

There are detailed, colourful illustrations throughout, making it very engaging for young children. There is lot to find, to recognise, or to name in the book. It is also great for learning about colours and basic counting.

Font type and size was specially selected to make the book easy to read, catering for young children who may be starting to read on their own.

Easy and repetitive text in rhyme.

Durable materials - printed on high quality paper and double bind.

I am the sole author and owner of the entire copyright.

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