Saturday, 11 February 2012

Make your own Storage Pockets


Door storage pockets

These pockets I created with intention to put them inside a cupboard where we used to have a boiler and store in them spare cosmetics, soaps, toothpastes etc ; things that you always have to keep spare so you do not run out of. 

For this project you can just use any leftover material that you have. I have used for example a material that I had left over from when making curtains. 

So what do you need?

To fit the standard sized door the resulting size of the storage pockets is 45cm width and high 100 cm (+ cc 15 cm of tabs).

You will need 3 x tabs – cut material 16cm x 40 cm (x 3)
Main piece – cut material 47 cm x 102 cm (x 2 – front material + backing material)
6 pockets – cut material 26 cm x 34 cm (x 12 = 6x front material + 6 x backing material)
2 x hooks (I used single robe hooks in chrome effect from B & Q)
Wooden stick


Fold the material half lengthways, right sides together and saw alongside the edge (cc 1 cm) – picture 1 & 2.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Turn inside out, press and center the seams – picture 3. 

Picture 3
 Then turn in the edges in and stitch it – picture 4.

Use 2 pieces of fabric for each pocket. Put right sides together and secure them with pins. Sew together, taking 1cm seam allowance. Remember to leave cc 5 cm of the lower edge open so you can turn the pockets through – picture 5.  

Once the pockets are turned through, press under the raw edges at the bottom of each pocket and neatly slipstitch the opening closed – picture 6. Then Iron the pockets flat.
Press under 6 cm flaps at both sides of each pocket and iron in – picture 7. 

Then press over half of each flap so the edges line up to fold pleats – picture 8. 
Stitch down each flap as close to the 6 cm fold as possible thus securing it in place - picture 9 & 10.
Picture 9
Picture 10

Main piece
Put the 2 materials for the main piece right side together. Pin the tabs in between the materials to the front starting about 15 mm from each side of the main piece and the 3rd tab in the middle between the other 2 tabs – picture 11a & 11b.
Picture 11a
Picture 11b

 Pin the lining on top and sew the front and lining together (cc 1 cm seam allowance). Remember to leave cc 5 cm of one side open to turn the bag through. Turn the bag through and slipstitch the opening closed neatly. Pin the pockets to the bag. The outer edges of the pleated flaps bellow the stitched folds. Sew the pockets in place, stitching as close to the edge of the flap as possible – picture 12 & 13. 
Picture 12
Picture 13
Press the pockets flat and stitch across the bottom of each pocket – picture 14.

Sew snap fasteners on and then stitch decorative button to the front of each tab – picture 15.

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