Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Children's Room - TheVery Hungry Caterpillar Picture

 You do not have to spend a fortune when decorating your kids’ room. We all know the cute story of a caterpillar that becomes a beautiful butterfly. The colorfulness of the butterfly will likely be a popular choice with your children and it will match any color scheme in the room.

This is an easy project and one that you can make yourself.

All you need is
  • The fabric material “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” licensed by Andover Fabrics Inc PATT#3471 www.andoverfabrics.com (although I purchased mine in Hobbycraft)
  • The right size picture frame (I got mine in B&Q – size 53.5cm x 23.5cm incl frame / 49cm x 19cm excl frame – color pine)
  • Cardboard paper size 50cm x 20cm (you can just cut the size out from a cardboard box or sellotape 2 A4 card papers together and then cut to size). If you are using a cardboard box remember it cannot have any writing or pictures on it otherwise it could show through the fabric. Also a lighter color is better.
  • Double sided tape 

Cut out the picture of the butterfly from the fabric (cut the size bigger than the size of the frame – about 5 cm each side)

Take the cardboard cut to the right size (check that it will fit in the picture frame). Put double sided tape on the cardboard close to the edges. Put the butterfly fabric on a straight hard surface facing the picture away from you and put the cardboard on the fabric. Ensure that the side with the double sided tape is facing you. Check that the butterfly picture is centered and no part of the wing would be hiding inside the picture frame. Turn the extra fabric material over the cardboard and secure with the double sided tape.
Insert the butterfly fabric attached to the cardboard into the picture frame. DONE   :)    !!! 

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