Friday, 27 April 2012

Handmade Happy Birthday Cards - Flowers and Butterflies outline stickers variations

Last week I found a couple of outline sticker sheets that I have had in my craft box for quite some time. Whenever I make my visit to the Hobbycraft store, I inevitably end up buying some new outline stickers. They are not expensive yet very handy to have for those days when you don't have much spare time but would still like to surprise somebody with a handmade card. I have done 4 cards recently using flowers and butterflies silver outline stickers. This is the 1st card of the lot.

 I like to mix and match various colours of textured card paper. In this design I used Matchmakers Textured Cardstock with white core size 6” x 6”.

For this design you will need:

  • Flowers outline sticker in silver (see links  further bellow for suggested outline stickers) 
  • Butterflies outline sticker in silver (see links further bellow for suggested outline stickers)
  • White card paper (15 x 30cm)
  • White card paper ( appx. 10 x 10 cm - large enough to fit the outline stickers on)
  • Lilac card paper (appx. 10 x 10 cm - large enough to fit the white card paper with outline stickers on)
  • Pastel Yellow card paper (15 x 15cm)
  • Craft foam pads (I used Stix 2mm thick)
  • gel pens - various colours 
  • Double sided tape 
  • "Happy Birthday" outline sticker
  • Craft corner punch (I have had mine for a very long time so you might not be able to purchase the same one, however I found couple of nice craft punches that would also work well with this design - see pictures bellow - link is added with the pictures)
Suggested flower outline stickers - see following links:
Suggested butterfly outline stickers - see following links:

Take white card 15cm x 30cm and fold it in half. Take yellow card paper (size 15 x 15cm) and using a double sided tape attach it to the front of the folded white card. Take white card paper (apprx 10 x 10 cm) and attach a flower and a butterfly outline stickers to its centre. Tear off the edge of the white paper around the stickers to create an uneven edge. Colour in the flower and the butterfly using gel pens. Using double sided tape, attach the white paper with the outline stickers to the centre of the lilac card (appr. 10 x 10cm). Cut corners of the lilac card paper with the craft punch and attach the lilac card to the yellow card (15 x 15 cm) using foam pads. Add “Happy Birthday ” outline sticker to the card.


This is a design variation using different flower and butterfly sticker and different shades of the card paper.


  1. nice cards... good to gift some one on birthday.
    colors are really awesome

  2. Thanks, Daniel. Glad you like them :)

  3. Oh wow very beautiful cards! Very nice gift to give you for dear and relatives for sharing yours ideas. Very good coloring.

    1. It's always nice to hear positive comments, thank you.


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