Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Handmade Xmas Cards - Pop Up Snowmen

To make this card you will need:

  • Purple or blue card paper (21 x 15 cm)
  • White card paper (approx. 11 x 15 cm)
  • White card paper (approx. 8 x 12 cm)
  • Piece of yellow card paper to cut out stars from
  • Message outline sticker "Merry Christmas" (optional)
  • Double sided tape 
  • 4 snowmen
  • White gel pen
  • Craft foam pads (I used Stix 2mm thick)

You can make your own snowman using craft stamps. Bellow are some suggestions. Click on the pictures to see more detail.

Christmas bunting and baubles clear cling stamp A6 - designed by Lindsay MasonKars Clear Stamps - Snowman, approx 5x6cm (pk size excluding header)cArt-Us Clear Stamps - Santa Claus and Bird, approx 11.55x8cm (pack size excluding header)

Or you can use snowmen charms:

1 packet of 10 Silver Plated Enamel Christmas Snowman Charm Pendants 23x13mm,Dress It Up Buttons Christmas - Have a Cool Yule, pk of approx 11, 1.5cm to 4.5cm

1 packet of 10 Silver Plated Enamel Christmas Snowman Charm Pendants 24x17mm,

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Take purple or blue card 21cm x 15cm and fold it in half to get a card of size 10.5 x 15cm. Take a white card ( 11 x 15cm) and cut out an uneven shape that would be the snowed ground. Make a fold measuring about a third of the 11cm length (about 4cm to 7cm). Attach it to the card using double sided tape. 
Then take the 8 x 12 cm white card and cut out following pieces: 4 of 8 x 2 cm and 3 of 4 x 2 cm. 

The picture on the left is showing the 4 cut out strips of white paper 8 x 4 cm. Make 2 folds in each paper - to get 2cm, 2cm, and 4cm. Then put the strips with folds together as seen in the picture on the left. 
A = 2cm, B = 2cm, C = 4cm, D = 4cm, E = 4cm, F = 4cm, G = 2cm, H = 2cm. 
Join sided C & E together as well as sides D & F using double sided tape. Then attach sides A & B to the snow background on the card. (There is no gap between side A & B). At this stage the sides G & H are loose. 

Take 3 pieces of white card paper (size 4 x 2 cm each) and attach one to E, one to F  sides and the third one to G & H front facing sides of white strip (do not leave any gap). 

At last, attach the 4 snowmen to the card using double sided tape.

 Cut out few yellow stars and attach them to the card using foam pads. Using white gel pen draw some random dots of various sizes as a falling snowflakes. 

You can decorate the front page of the card as well, using a spare snowman if you have one or just cut out more yellow stars and attach them to the front page using foam pads.

If you like, attach a "Merry Christmas" outline sticker to the card.

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