Monday, 24 December 2012

Sewing Project - Handmade Xmas Stocking

This post is not about card making project, even though that's what my blog has been mostly about so far, but a sewing project. I do like sewing as well. The difficulty is that sewing projects do require more "free" time than card making. However, this year I decided to make a Xmas stocking and so spent few evenings busy sewing. Yes, I could have just bought one, but it would not be the same. 

I used Heat Bond Lite iron-on adhesive to attach materials of various colours and patterns to the red material, thus creating the picture. To make sure that the materials will stay attached I sew round the edges. To finish the stocking off, I sew black and white beads on.

I am in process of adding a sewing and patchwork online shop onto my blog. So if you like sewing, just keep checking back regularly.

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