Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Easter Project - Variation on Easter Rabbit Picture / Card

Few days ago I posted Eater Project - Easter Rabbit. See my previous blog posting for the full instructions on how to make it. If you like, you can make it even more colourful by adding some embellishments. I added flowers and butterflies. 

I have set up and online shop - CRAFT MAGIC ONLINE SHOP- on my blog (top right corner). You can now purchase many crafting supplies right here. The shop is powered by Amazon, so you would be making the purchase through Amazon. I have just selected (and sorted into various categories) crafting products that Amazon sells. My blog's shop is divided into 3 parts; paper and scrapbooking supplies,  crafty kids (offering variety of beautiful crafty kits and products designed for children) and sewing and patchwork supplies.


You can purchase following items in my online shop. Click on the image for more detail. The link will get you directly into my shop. Please note, that the stock has been available at the time of this posting and might be sold out in the future date.

Dress It Up Buttons - Counting Sheep, pk of approx 9, 15 to 25mm
Dress It Up Buttons - Carrot Crop, pk of approx 13, 18mm

Self-Adhesive Satin Gem Flowers (Pack of 60)

Dress It Up Buttons - Easter, Painted Eggs, pk of 10, 2cm
Poppy Seed Clearly Stickers 4.5"X6" Sheet-Icons

Craft for Occasions, Small Ladybird card embellishments 24 Pcs, C0808
Nature Clearly Stickers 4.5"X6" Sheet-Icon

Blossom Pillow Stickers-

Textured Brights Cardstock Stack 8"X8"-2 Each Of 29 Colors (58 Sheets/Pad)
Round Pearl Beads - 3mm - Black


Fiskars Bypass Guillotine 22 cm
Guillotine Paper Trimmer 12"X12"-

Purple Cows - 2 in 1 Combo Paper Trimmer Guillotine

Mini Guillotine Paper Trimmer 6"-

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