Sunday, 10 March 2013

Easter Project - Handmade Easter Rabbit Picture / Card

This Easter project was originally designed as a greeting card, however it can be used as an Easter decoration as well. It can be framed or you can just put a string through and hang it somewhere on display making it part of your Easter decorations. It is colourful and cute design and it's not difficult to make so it is also suitable as an Easter project for kids.

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To make this card you will need:

  • White card paper (15 x 30cm)
  • Blue card paper (15 x 15cm)
  • Dark green card paper (15 x 11 cm)
  • Light green card paper (15 x 7 cm)
  • Piece of yellow card paper - sun
  • piece of pink card paper - nose and ears
  • various other colours card paper- eggs
  • Black beads - eyes
  • small round cosmetic cotton wool face pads
  • Double sided tap
  • Craft foam pads (I used Stix 2mm thick) 

Take white card 15cm x 30cm and fold it in half. Take blue card paper (size 15cm x 15cm) and attach it to the white card using double sided tape. Take the yellow card and at its corner draw quarter circle. Cut it out and attach it to the top right corner of the blue card using double sided tape. Then take the dark green paper and cut out uneven triangles along the top line, then attach it to the blue card using double sided tape. Take a round cosmetic cotton pad and separate it into 2 pieces - this is to be used to make the rabbit (the fluffier inside part is to be on outside). Attach 1 piece of the round cotton pad at the bottom of the dark green paper and the other piece above this one (slightly overlapping) using double sided tape. Then take another cotton pad and again separate it into 2 pieces. Take 1 piece of the cotton pad and cut out 2 ears. Attach it to the card. Take pink card paper and cut out 2 smaller ears and a little triangle (nose) and attach it to the rabbit using double sided tape. Attach 2 black beads (eyes) to the rabbit using small piece of double sided tape. Then take the light green card paper and cut out uneven triangles along the top line, then attach it to the dark green card (over the rabbit) using foam pads. Then cut out small eggs from cards of various colours and attach them to the light green card using foam pads.

notes: If you do not have black beads, just cut 2 small round shapes (eyes) from black or brown card paper instead. 
If you do not want to make this as a greeting card but only as a decoration, just don't use the white card 15 x 30 cm.

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