Friday, 14 September 2012

Cute Handmade 3D Decoupage Cards - 12 - Birthday Bears

It's your birthday!!! Make a wish...

To make this card you will need:

  • Forever Friends "Party Time" paper pack (6 x 6 in) - I purchased mine in Hobbycraft, however they do not stock it anymore. If you like you can purchase it through my blog
  • White card paper (15 x 30cm)
  • Blue card paper (15 x 15cm)
  • White card paper (10 x 10cm)
  • Dark beige card paper (9 x 9cm)
  • Outline stickers - "Make a Wish...", " Happy Birthday" and a candle from Anita's Glitterations outline stickers in silver
  • Double sided tape 
  • Craft foam pads (I used Stix 2mm thick - it makes the 3D effect more noticeable - but you can use thinner craft foam pads if you prefer)

Anita's Glitterations Birthday Wishes Outline stickers in silver

Find the picture of the 2 bears with the blue background. You will need 3 of those. 

Cut out parts of the 3 pictures as shown in the picture bellow.

From the 1st picture cut out the square frame with the 2 bears. From the second picture cut out an outline of the 2 bears (without the 2 ears and bigger bear's left hand) as shown on the top picture. From the 3rd card cut out both hands of the smaller bear and a right hand of the bigger bear as shown on the picture above.

Take white card 15cm x 30cm and fold it in half. Take a blue card paper (size 15cm x 15cm) and using double sided tape attach it to the white card. Take a beige card (9 x 9 cm) and attach it to the white card (10 x 10 cm) using double sided tape. Attach the white - beige card paper to the middle of the blue card using foam pads.

Now it's time to use the cut out parts of the bears. Take the cut out picture frame with the 2 bears and attach it to the beige card using double sided tape. Take the cut outs from the 2nd picture and attach it to the picture on the beige card using foam pads. Then take the cut outs from the 3rd picture card and again attach them to the picture on the card using foam pads, creating layers.

Attach a message outline stickers and the candle to the card.

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