Monday, 5 March 2012

Dancing Shoes Bag - Part 1

My friend's eleven years old daughter Emma was staying with us one weekend. It was February. Cold and Wet. Not ideal weather to go out. I thought that it would be a good idea to get her involved in some sewing project. Something, that would not be difficult to do for a beginner and a child. Something, that she could keep and have a use, since she would be the one making it.

Emma, not surprisingly, loves dancing ...and so there sprang an idea. We could make a bag that she could carry her dancing shoes in!!

Emma thought this was a great idea and could not wait till Sunday to start on it.

Here is the result ...

She really did make this herself. She chose all the materials and did all the sewing. I was there to only advise and make sure that all was going well. It did and I am very proud at her how well she did!!

I will publish the instructions for this project over the next few days. I must admit that it was probably quicker making this than to write all this down. Nevertheless, if you want to try and make this bag, then please look out for part2, coming soon!

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