Friday, 2 March 2012


Now... you spent your time and put a lot of effort to making a handmade card for that someone special. How about to make it even more original by making your own envelope that would fit your new card perfectly, whatever its size??

 It is very easy and will take only about 10 to 15 minutes to make. You do not need many things for it either. All you need is paper, double sided tape, ruler and scissors.
 You can choose paper of any colour and any type and texture you like. I chose a card paper in blue for this one.

This envelope will fit a card measuring 15 x 15cm. Notice that I added extra 1cm to the width and length so that there is enough room for the card.
Section B on the picture is the actual size of the envelope. So if your card is of a different size to mine just add 1cm each way to the size of your card and you have the measurements for your envelope. Sections A and C will fold over and will overlap; in this case by 4cm (12cm + 8 cm - 16cm). Again, if your card is of a different size to mine, you will have to readjust your measurements to allow for the overlap.

      Lets do it...... :)

Draw the template of the envelope on the paper you selected. As A4 format of the paper was not big enough for the envelope, I joined 2 A4 card papers together using double sided tape.

Cut it out.

Fold the sides in as on the picture.

Attach double sided tape to the sides marked on the template as D1 and D2.

Fold over side A and attach it to the D1 and D2.

Put double sided tape along the edge of the envelope and your handmade self-seal envelope is done!

How quick and easy was that?? :)

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