Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dancing Shoes Bag - part 2

Hello again and welcome to part 2 of this easy sewing project.

Here are some pictures of the finished article - a girl's dancing-shoes bag:

Here are the templates you will need, with all the actual measurements for making this bag:

And now here is a list of the materials and required sizes that you will need to make this sewing project.

Note: all measurements in this section include 2 cm seam allowance

Side 1:
  • Center piece (butterfly pattern - fig 3) – cut 20cm x 20cm
  • Green material (fig 1) – cut twice 20cm x 3cm and twice 22cm x 3 cm
  • Blue material (fig 2) – cut twice 22cm x 9cm, once 36cm x 11cm and once 36cm x 16cm

Side 2:
  • Butterfly pattern (fig 3) – cut 36cm x 20cm
  • Blue material (fig 2) – cut 36cm x 12 cm and 36cm x 17cm
The Pockets:
  • You will need 2 small pieces of a material (cc 13cm x 13cm) for the pockets. I used a material with a print of Beatrix Potter’s characters (see fig 4 below)
And additionally:
  • A length of suitable string, approximately 1m long (width of the string up to 1.75cm)

You can of course choose your own materials and colours, whatever you might have to hand. However if you like the look of this bag and you would like to use the same materials then here are the names of the materials and some additional information where I have it, they are:

Fig 1 - Debbie Mumm,

Fig 2 - Windham Fabrics

Fig 3 - Fancy Cats 2 Butterfly by Makeover UK

Fig 4 -

Please don't be put off by this project and think that this is too complicated, I can assure you it is really quite easy and of course suitable for all beginners.
If you have decided to try this project and you are a beginner, then you are likely going to need the final installment for this project, part 3 (which is coming soon). I will give you full instructions and the complete assembly guide, showing you step by step, exactly how to put the article together.

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