Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Handmade Celebrations Card - variation 1 - a Glass Flute and Gems

This design is a variation on a previous one that I posted on my blog couple of days ago. It is probably the quickest and easiest of all my handmade card designs so far. Yet, it does not compromise on originality and the fact that if you do make the card yourself it will give that extra special meaning to the card you are giving to your loved one. 
Additionally, if you have purchased the Wine and Glasses outline sticker set that you needed making the previously published card design, you will have some spare glasses stickers to use on this card as well.

To make this card I would like to suggest using following card paper, even though any other types would go just well too.
My favourite card papers are Papermania Solid Cardstock Assorted Colours (6” x 6”) and Matchmakers Textured Cardstock with white core sizes 6” x 6” and 3.875” x 3.875” in Neutrals or Brights.

For this design you will need:

  • Anita’s Wine and Glasses outline sticker (You can use following link to order outline sticker similar to the one I used -
  • 4 Adhesive gems in silver (I used Hobbycraft 3 gems size 2mm and 1 gem size 3mm)
  • White card paper (15 x 30cm)
  • Dark brown card paper (apprx.10 x 10cm - same size as medium brown card paper)
  • Medium brown card paper (appx. 10 x 10 cm - large enough to fit the glass outline stickers on)
  • Light brown card paper (15 x 15cm)
  • "Happy Anniversary " or "Celebrations" outline sticker
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft foam pads (I used Stix 2mm thick)

Take white card 15cm x 30cm and fold it in half. Take a light brown card paper (size 15 x 15cm) and using a double sided tape attach it to the front of the folded white card. Take medium brown card paper and attach 2 glass outline stickers to its centre. Attach some of the bubbles outline stickers above the glass sticker as well as 4 adhesive gems, then tear off the edge of the medium brown paper around the glass outline stickers and gems to create an uneven edge. Using double sided tape, attach the medium brown piece with the glass stickers to the dark brown card (dark brown card should just show from underneath the medium brown card). Attach the dark brown card to the centre of the light brown card (15 x 15 cm) using foam pads. Add "Happy Anniversary" or "Celebrations " outline sticker to the card.

Easy. Wasn't it?

In the next few days I am going to show you another variation in design on the handmade celebrations card using the glasses outline stickers. So if you liked the designs so far, keep checking my blog for more handmade card designs and an occasional sewing project.

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